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Winter Warz 2008


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well, i'm only about 200 miles in when we had to get a room, free internet rocks! damn movers though didn't even know that they were supposed to get us today. we called them at the pickup time and they were just waking up 4 hours away, LOL. then they get to my house late, at 5pm instead of 9am, and it took 4 hours to load my measly 2 bed apartment. so i left at about 11 after dinner.


i may be able to get my score in this weekend. depends on when my monitor shows up. didn't have the time on hand to actually run all the benches though before my move :/

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Common fellas, lets get them stock scores in, put pride away, it's only a stock score!

Don'/t feel embarrased or ashamed! Stock scores are nothhing!!~!

You may score bad in stock scoring, but it's nothhing, the real scores are OC!!!

Now get them stock scores in now!!

If I wasn't playing for TRP, I would be with you guy's now!! You know that, so lets get it together and post them scores as time is running out!!!! :)

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