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Anyone heard of 77777?

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In all seriousness, this is my Plan?


Please Comment on it and Advise me?


I have a Spare 80G HDD, what I plan is to remove the 200G complete and reformat the 80G and Install Windows XP Home on it, I have 2 OEMs, so setting them up later as Master and Slave won't be a problem. Each will have a different Number.


I plan on leaving the 200G completely out of the System for a month to resolve this. Watch the incoming Calls on the Phone and report them.


BTW, I will drain the CMOS to drain Upper Memory. That should leave it squeeky clean?


This is right up my nose.


Any other Ideas?



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poor Juliet must really be working out hard on this one :rofl2:




Actually Juliet has worked so hard, Mate, but them Calls keep coming in. Juliet is like most of us, just wants to see it resolved. My plan will resolve it one way or the other, I think?


The Original will still be there for testing, later, rather than just throw it away.


As said right from the start, this is unusual, so let's work on it?



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Yeah,.......I worked up a sweat over this one..... LOL




Juliet's Help is greatly appreciated by me and I know by all she has helped.


This one has got up all our noses because it is really sneaky?


The Pit has the Greatest Think Tank on the Planet about Computers and my Plan involves using that Think Tank to find this nice little thing before it spreads! I am a Think Tank Believer, used then right through my Business Life. Some of the Solutions have came from the lowest Employees, just because the Answer was so simple?


I have had ill Health, so not able to put the Plan into operation just yet, I certainly want to Nail this!


Can we all apply this to this Problem? Just throw Ideas into the Ring?


If we can Nail this it will be a Great Feather in the Pit's Cap!


Update? Juliet mentioned about Cell Phones with Internet access to me that at first I thought diddn't apply. My Daughter was here yesterday, with a Cell Phone, then rang me today,, I received three of the funny Calls today. When I cvhecked it out with my Daughter, she does have Internet Access. I am working on that with Juliet's Help. What a Nice Lady that goes the extra mile to Help. I commend a Lady that really Cares!



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I just might have a break through.


My Neighbour was here today and I showed him the Problem. Straight off he said it was Telemarketeers.


I have a feeling he is right! My Phone is a silent Number and should not be available to Telemarketeers, so I never thought to look that way.


This is the Log now, the 08 numbers are Telemarketeers. I think Iprimus has some work to do now to block them from this Number that we pay a Fee each Month to ensure Privacy.


7 Jan 15.22 from 464466


8 Jan 11.02 from 7774747777


8 Jan 11.02 from 777777777


8 Jan 11.02 from 777747


11 Jan 15.31 from 777777


21 Jan 16.01 from 77777


31 Jan 9.08 from 888888888


2 Feb 18.45 from 7777777


4 Feb 12.10 from 54550


4 Feb 13.22 from 0894244700


4 Feb 14.23 from 0862102300


4 Feb 14.23 from 7


5 Feb 14.24 from 0893274128


5 Feb 16.35 from 5555


6 Feb 14.53 from 77


7 Feb 10.09 from 88788778788


7 Feb 10.09 from 88


7 Feb 10.09 from 787888888887888


7 Feb 10.33 from 0893274024


7 Feb 10.33 from 97


7 Feb 10.33 from 87


7 Feb 10.39 from 78887


7 Feb 17.41 from 77777


It could be that our previous Phone Supplier has sold this number to Telemarketeers!


If that is the Case they are looking at a Massive Fine.



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