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white noise and pink elephants

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Why do you need another laptop or full size computer to install software on it? :lol:


I guess you have never heard of portable DVD drives :P


But then I cant remeber the last time I actually installed software from a CD can you tito? ;)



Indeed, unless you count the operating system.


Portable DVD drives make it significantly less portable though, having something like that occupying the only USB port seems to defy the point.


If I had a Mac the first thing I would do is get around to ripping all of my music, because Macs are just so good for that.

Now, the only other computers I have in the house are running Linux, and I highly doubt apple will make the software for Linux to share a drive with a Macbook Air.

Thus, unless I spend even more money on a clunky USB DVD drive it is incapable of reading CDs.

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nice, notice how the cpu is stepped up when you use that option, the feature with the touch pad is nice, like using the iphone.



bb, thats innovation , this is a work of art, so is the price :yikes:

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I must agree with Bruce on this.

My windows pc is awesome for games and everything.

But for going on the plane with my music collection, and tv shows.


I love my macbook black. Good battery life, small..

13 inch.

Dual 2.2

2 Gigs Ram

160GB Hard Drive



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that's cool, but we're talking about the macbook air. smaller hdd (and slower), less ram, and slower processor.


i am glad you stated that because i was at a loss for words!



the smaller they get the better, remember me saying amd should use there chipset to there advantage and go mobile, they can do it, peeps love small things like smart phones and pda's, it would be nice if it were smaller!


consider the speed and performance of a smart phone compared to air, the smart phone is way slower and screen size suck.


tiny laptops rule, your getting ultra fast compared to a pda, i personally do not enjoy lugging a laptop around unless its very small, hoping for even smaller ones with seven inch wide screens, these are things peeps are interested in.


i can watch movies, tv, listen to music, play games, make calls, surf the web, take pics, use the built in camcorder, even use it as a modem, my razr does all that, but the screen is too dam small, also two gigs of storage blows, the air changes that, the xps is cool but not something i would be mobile with.

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It's called a laptop porksandwich! They are not use on top of labs, they are used on top of laps! :P


I have used mine on a lab, on a shelf, on the lawn, on a picnic table, on a sleeping bag, on a bed on a car, but never on my lap


I guess it is a labshelflawnpicnicsleepingbedcartop

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I guess it is a lab, on a labshelf, on a picnicsleepingbedcartop I have used mine on a lab, on the lawn, on a picnicsleepingbedcartop I have used mine on a car, but never on my lap




I guess it is a labshelflawnpicnicsleeping bag, on the lawn, on a labshelflawnpicnic table, on a lab, on a car, but never on my lap

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i'm not a dell fanboy. i judge my purchases by the best value. if apple created a product with true performance/feature vs. cost value, i wouldn't hesitate to buy one if i was in the market.


it does help that i get a nice discount, though. :P

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wouldnt expect someone that appreciates a dell cross the line to buy a mac, if you drink jimbeam and smoke rocky patels then you would use a calculator :P

I appreciate both. I quite like Macbooks, but I don't like the new Air.

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