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It is possible for XP to start Windows in Normal Mode but fail to load it in Safe Mode. HUH?? :h3lp: LOL I'm serious.

You get the list of all the drivers and stuff on the black screen and it ends with Mup.sys and then quits. At first I thought it was Mup.sys that was corrupted, but no, it's just the last on the list. Well, last on my system anyway. My son has a Dell running XP Home and his has a few more after Mup.sys.


Now from browsing the forums looking for a solution to this dilemma I found it could be just about anything, or so it seems. One could try a fresh install thinking something got seriously corrupted only to find out that it didn't fix things and you wasted hours reinstalling all your programs and maybe spent a license key if your copy of Windows is an OEM disk.


Bottom line? It turned out to be an additional hard drive I had installed in the case. It wasn't even the boot drive, just a (Maxtor) SATA drive I use for storage and backup. I unplugged the drive and guess what? Windows had no problem going into Safe Mode. Seagate (the outfit that acquired Maxtor) has a utility for checking hard drives -- as do perhaps all the manufacturers, and you can run it and check for problems with their hardware. Sure enough, it showed bad, even though it was still working and I hadn't lost any data yet, thankfully. I spent the 20 bucks to get their replacement drive in advance and the required foam padding and packaging to return the old one and problem solved! :) (Not a bad deal really, seeing they pay shipping both ways and you get the foam packaging they demand in order to make sure the drive didn't get harmed in shipping.)


Moral of the story? If this happens to you, don't rush to reinstall. Try doing some hardware diagnostics first.

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Hello Arthur 21743,



What do you mean with Mup.sys, I don't know that word.

I have looking in mine English dictonary with 1 million words and that word mup don't exist, also I have looking at Internet for this word, but it's same just like in mine English dictonary the word mup don't exist.

So that is the question that I ask you, what do you mean with Mup.sys?

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