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"Good" CPU Temperatures

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Hi :


I just overclocked my system for the first time, and hoped somebody could give me an idea of what CPU temperatures under different conditions are acceptable.


System : Q6600 + 4GB Kingston PC8500 RAM + Gigabyte P35 Mobo + GT8800 Video etc

Settings : CPU 3.0GHz, RAM 1000MHz

Software : Temp monitored using Core Temp v0.96, stress tests with Sandra Lite


I fitted a half-decent cooler (after giving up on the pathetic plastic rivets and screwing the damn thing carefully to the PCB), my case is full of fans.


I am a power electronics engineer by trade, and I would normally target Tjmax - 25C or < 100C as reasonable design objectives, but something tells me that a multi-million FET CPU needs a bit more TLC than a 1200A 1700V IGBT.


I have a "quiescent" CPU temp (i.e. as I write this) of 38C (on a 20C ambient), and running the Sandra stress tests (which all completed without error) I saw a peak of 63C.


Here are my questions :

1 - Is the software I'm using to monitor temps and stress the CPU reasonable ? Anybody know of a problem with these ? Any suggestions for better stuff ?


2 - Do these temperatures sound reasonable ? I know that temperature is more about longevity than immediate failure (I assume the CPU shuts itself down if I take the heatsink off), so there's no real hard-and-fast answer, but do you experienced OC'ers out there think these temps are OK ?




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When I consistantly run a load temp at or above 60c on the 6420 (c2d) I get concerned...especially running 24/7 and overclocked...nothing technical taken into account other than the threshold temp...on my E6420 that threshold is at like 60C though on the Q6600 I believe the threshold temp to be around 70C so I'm not too concerned running it anywhere below that temp 24/7 full load. Have had no ill effects running either within their designated parameters oc'd to the threshold for months. I am under no illusion running these procs at their limit will result in their full expected lifespan though they will last until I decide to upgrade I am convinced....that goes for the AMDs I run as well. Running any proc. at stock speeds and within their thermal limits should result in the full expected lifespan of the product/cpu. These limits and all specs on each proc. are public knowledge and thus available to view.

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Your temps seem excelent to me... I have a QX6850 and with the stock cooler and antex 900 case my idle temps are 50-60c and while gaming it gets to about 80c and while stress testing with prime95 or Orthos it reaches 90+c... I think it's time for new cooler for me.. but it is summer here and ambient temps are around 35c

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