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PCPitstop compliment

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I do not know who you are, where you are, what you represent, or what your motives are for building and operating this website but in any event I would like to pay you a compliment. Here's why.


My laptop became infected. It was an unsolicited popup issue. I spent over 2 full weeks working to clean up the problem. Fourteen, yes 14, different software packages were used including the 4 big name products. Additionally paid online repair was attempted with the 2 biggest security software vendors.

Not ONE, resolved the problem! Not one out of 16 differing repair techniques.

I had simply resolved myself to an OS reload.


So as a last ditch effort I loaded MS Fiddler and watched the network HTML traffic into and out of my machine. That resulted in a reoccurring URL popping up. A simple global search of that URL turned up a PCPitstop forum. The forum was not orthodox, nor did not use software that I had ever heard of, and I couldn't imagine that the people at your end were actually doing this troubleshooting.


It looked interesting, so I downloaded the 4 packages you used in your repair guidance for other people, studied them, and used your forum as a guide to proceed with my own repairs. All of your links were accurate, the websites they linked to were "for real", the software was free, it was current, it did what you said it would do, it behaved EXACTLY as your instructions indicated it would, it was bugfree, and it made it clear that PCPitstop was "for real".


The slow operation of your process and software let me to believe it was very thorough. And I'll be damned; at the completion of the process my laptop was normal again.


In view of the high number of "big gun" software packages used and number of people who took money to fix this machine, I believe it is fair and accurate to say; PCPitstop is for real, knowledgeable, thorough, accurate and reliable.


Unbelievable. Well done.


Ray Van Cleave

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I also think that the Pit is a great place. Friendly,Helpful people who are willing to help you out. I too have alot of paid software that's supposed to keep my computer from being infected. It still got infected and where did I go? Why here of course. So a BIG APPLAUSE to PC Pitstop. :clap::clap::clap::clap::tup:

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:wp: One of the members here stayed up for hours, walking me through installing my video card in Linux, several others helped me to get Linux up and running and 1 member even mailed me the latest version of Suse (one of the versions of Linux) on a CD! You guys know who you are!! I have learned so much about my computer just reading the posts of others.


This place becomes a family. Whenever you need :h3lp: , someone will be here to help. The people are great, the topics cover everthing, we even have, General Discussions for any topic and Political Discussions that can be quite lively! :coffee: Wait, I've been up all night, insommnia, sure glad the Pit is 24/7. :nitey: I need to at least try to sleep. :snooze: Glad we have these, :chill:

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