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2008 Hooter's Calendar is out - some Adult


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And Happy New Year Greetin's to you too, Sir T. :b33r:


How's everything in Ol' Blighty?


Well now, lemme see...


Princess Diana is dead.

Pink Floyd are alive (ish).

The Weather is miserable.

Travelodge launched the "Cuddillow" the UK’s first cuddling pillow for lonely guests.

Dumbledore came out of the closet.

England is now controlled by a joint Scottish/Polish venture.

Kylie Minogue was killed by robotic angels at Christmas.

and Arsenal's boys managed to draw against a full strength Tottenham Hotspur team :clap:




same old, same old really :P

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Iron Maiden


A statue of Lady Thatcher was unveiled in the British Houses of Parliament on 21 February 2007. Thatcher made a rare and brief speech in the members' lobby of the House of Commons. She gibed, "I might have preferred iron—but bronze will do... It won't rust. And, this time I hope, the head will stay on" (a previous statue in stone had been attacked and decapitated while on public exhibition)

She'll never die :surrender:


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