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Windows Home Server

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Thanks, Bruce. Looks good. I downloaded a few wallpapers.


Wonder if I could host a website on Win Home Server?




It should be able to. Unless Microsoft locked down the ability to cahnge things then you should be able to set one up in IIS.


But then you could do that with WinXP, Win2K. You could also look into installing LAMP and avoid the whole IIS issue all together.

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Good stuff. Glad you found what you were looking for :tup:


You might also want to have a look at Jalbum for some better looking photo albums.




It's free and you do ont have to sign up for anything, at the bottom of the sign up page there is a button to skip the sign up.

Or go directly to http://jalbum.net/download/download.jsp



Check out some of the add on themes/skins there are some excellent ones.




fotoplayer is one of my favorites.




Click the play button.



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O.K., I am still learning.


I found out how to configure (not hard--just need to know where to look) the backups, and I have excluded the broken XP partition so I will see if it works now. Right back at you after a run.




Bruce, did you get yours yet?


Edit: :tup: by unselecting my broken XP partition, I was finally able to get it to backup my Vista C drive. I don't know what it uses, but it got excellent compression, from about 50 gigs to 15 gigs. I do not know how long it took as I went to bed---found a log that says 1 hr. 15 mins.


Also has a browse button to look for and restore individual files!

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Excellent article/review/howto of Windows Home Server at PC Magazine:




Hightlights for me--WHS has a robust Software Development Kit and users are making add-ons all the time

--it says there is an iTunes add-on

--don't miss the small slideshow that shows some screenshots




Holy Crap! When I search Google about iTunes/WHS, I get this/my own Pit thread (last one on the page on my machine):



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Looks kind of disappointing.


I didn't get my copy yet, but I am looking forward to kicking the tires very, very hard. ;)


Only have one computer in the house (wifes laprtop) that can use it's proprietary features, which is ohhh about 90% of its features, but I will kick the tires none the less :P

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Having a bit more luck now--they are called add-ins not add-ons. Here is a pretty good list of them so far:






Edit: another excellent website--homepage of the list above, I guess:




Bruce, this says this are working on support for OGG:



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Installation started with 5 crashes on loading my sata drivers each time putting it into an endless cycle of loading drivers crashing and rebooting................


Tried to disable sata raid in the bios and setting to ahci, only to be put into the same endless loops.


I had to disable sata-raid/ahci and set the sata to be seen as IDE in the Bios, the installation then started, the installation has so many reboots it isn't funny. I believe it has rebooted about 6 times now. Still waiting for the last one, or few or whatever it takes to finally get to a functioning system. :pullhair::pullhair:

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It finally got to the desktop. None of the hardware was recognized. :huh:


I am kind of surprised that a brand new operating system doesn't have drivers for Intel hardware made in the past year. :mrsgreen:


Installing drivers for ethernet, sound, chipset, then will head off to nvidias website for video drivers.


Going through the driver reboot routine now.

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Intel driver installation for ethernet and audio failed.


This is pretty sad, this very common hardware that works out of the box in Linux.


Vista works with driver installs but Home Server refuses to install drivers. :huh:

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Got the drivers installed and set up my wifes laptop with the connection software.


The backup feature seems to work outstanding, I imaged her complete hard drive and it took about 2 hours to do it, for the initial backup thats pretty fast. I tried the restore feature but it won't work with a WPA secured network, so when I get a chance tomorrow I will test it with a wired connection.


Setting up the homeserver website was a no brainer, and is easily accessible, and works with any web browser regardless of the operating system.


I put 4 gigs of files on the server over my home network, and then deleted them from website interface, it worked very well.


I haven't tested the multimedia stuff yet.


It will be interesting to see what it can do with the divx, xvid, and industry standard mpeg files I have.


Will also be interesting to see how well it handles ogg files, and mov files.


I will say this, I can see many, many in fact the majority of typical users having a very difficult time working with this. Installation issues aside, I think it is the set up that will frustrate people. I didn't have a difficult with it, but I know for a fact the average home user would struggle with it.

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For anyone with multiple Windows computers in their home Windows Home Server would be worth it.


The only caveat would be I would recommend purchasing a pre-built machine from HP or other company.


The cost of the Operating system is far too expensive at 180 dollars.


When you consider that HP and others will have all the drivers and everything set up, and at a price in the 400 dollar range a preconfigured Windows Home Server is worth the money, and I can attest to how easy it was to backup a machine, and even easier, restore it.


I am really impressed with the job they did on the back up and restore solution, it is an outstanding feature that can be a life saver, I have used all kinds of Windows based backup applications, and this is without a doubt one of the best.

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Price drop to $159 (free shipping): http://promotions.newegg.com/NEemail/Feb-0...E0C-_-Moredeals


I've been using it for about 3 weeks, and I like it more than I originally posted--highlights:

1. As Bruce pointed out, it is excellent for backup; you couldn't get more automatic (I have not restored a drive yet, but that is on my agenda soon)

2. Fairly easy learning curve, but not as easy as MS leads you to believe--may be more true for OEM machines

3. Excellent community support--lots of forums and websites for questions and add-ins

4. Add-ins are fun (little programs for specific tasks such as uploading torrents, etc.) Users are running with it--more coming all the time. I listed some places in previous posts.

5. Free internet access to your server from MS Live

6. Streams music and video well (with a good connection)

7. Access to family members and friends is relatively easy

8. Handles up to 10 computers on your network

9. Adding hard drives for more storage was so easy a caveman could do it

10. It's Windows. You either love it or hate it. I'm pretty amorous. :woot:


On the other hand, if you have computer parts lying around (and who doesn't), I recommend building your own as requirements are modest. Software price has dropped $20 since I've been using it; I'm holding out for $100. Oh yeah, 120 day free trial still shows at website:





$149 when I checked today--02/25/08 :tup:

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