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Some things about VIsta

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I'm not sure if this is the right place for this or not so if not..could a mod please move it for me.


I got my first taste of Vista over the holiday and I don't like it....err maybe it don't like me. First off..it takes forever to startup and shutdown. I had a terrible time trying to uninstall a program. I couldn't get it to uninstall from control panel while running normal so I booted to safe mode. Well, this machine has one of those "wide and narrow" monitors and when the screen finally came up...it was way off to the left so much that the start button wasn't showing. I had to drag the bar to the side to use it. Then when I tryed to uninstall from safe mode, I got the message that "Windows installer could not start in safe mode" WHat's going on here? Anyway, after 3 attempts at normal startup, I finally got the program to uninstall. Another thing was connecting to a wireless router. That was a breeze.....connected on the first try...but was showing that the router was a unsecured connection....that's funny because the laptop shows it as a secured connection and the router is using WEP and Mac address filtering....at least that the way I set it up for the lap top. I guess I'll need to look at that router again.

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