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huge debt of gratitude!

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Okay I just wanted to post a wee note on here to say a huge thankyou to all of the people on here who dedicate time to helping us 'novices' with our PC problems.

The HijackThis people in particular have helped me out on a numer of occasions with various problems I have had. Juliet in particular has saved my bacon on a few occasions, and without her and others help I would have been in a right tangle and not know what the hell to do!

So again, thanks very much for all of your efforts, support and help, you really do an amazing job! :tup:

Well, Xmas wishes from over the pond in Blighty and have a malware free New Year (wishfull thinking, I know!!)


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Yes I'd have to agree Juliet is really a helpful person.

She has helped me 2 times with my friend's and my PC with some excellent tips and fast responses.


Juliet you really an outstanding job for the Pit :tup::rolleyes:

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