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Toshiba Laptop; Typing the letter "Y" causes problems!

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Here's an oddball problem:

Running Windows XP Home on Toshiba Satellite laptop A35-S159. I have run anti-virus, spyware, etc. programs to determine what might be causing the cursor to jump to a different line or jump backwards on the same line when I type the letter "Y"!!! This happens about 8 out of every 10 times. Has anyone ever had this problem? Results of the anti-virus, etc. tests show nothing! It can be very annoying to have to re-type the line whenever I type "Y", and have to hope that THIS TIME, the cursor won't jump!! Any help??

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What else function is it on the Y key? Could it be that special characters is on? Try and see if something similar happens on some of the other keys.


Thank you for the response. To my knowledge, there is no other function for this key. I am not aware of any "special characters" on the laptop. Also, this problem does NOT happen on any of the other keys!

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It may be that key "Y" has an intermittant contact problem. Do not despair because you can use Key Tweak to reassign Y to a rarely used key; otherwise it's a new keyboard.


Use this link http://webpages.charter.net/krumsick/


Thanks so very much for suggesting Key Tweak!! It appears that it has solved the problem!! I first, I reassigned a different function to the "Y" key; then I had it go back to the 'default'. It worked!! Amazing! I can now type without having to worry about the cursor moving to a different line or back 10 spaces, etc. THANKS!!! :clap:

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