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Humor me here


A question for everyone here  

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Interchanged means you can switch them in and out.


Now, I realize that the won't interchange directly as you will have to change the sentence structure just slightly to make it work. However it doesn't change the meaning.


"The New England Patriots are better than the New York Jets"

"The New England Patriots are superior to the New York Jets"


"His answer to the question was superior"

"His answer to the question was better"



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I'm curious to see how people perceive words.



I'd like to get at least 20 votes in before I start divulging more about this argument... more votes the better. I'm hoping people are clicking and voting because this interests me greatly.

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My superior gave me a list of my duties for the day.


My better gave me my a list of my duties for the day.



Nope don't work.


They are not interchangeable without changing the structure of a given sentence in most cases. Even then they do not mean the same thing.

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It all depends on the context in which the word is used.

The word Superior for instance can be a Noun or an Adjective


Noun: Mother Superior....Mother Better doesn't fit.

My supervisor is my immediate Superior.


Adj: Long pants are far superior to shorts in cold weather for leg protection.

You can rearrange the sentence to fit in the word "better", but the sentence

structure would be completely different, and it would not be an adjective.


The word Better can be an adjective or a verb:


Adj: The sale price makes that a "better" buy.

The word Superior could be substituted in this case.


Verb: I took some classes to "better" myself.


I'm sure there are many other examples, but this is the ones I found.

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