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Dell hard drive swap

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What kind of problems can I expect if I swap a hard drive from a Dell Dimension 2400 with XP Home into a Dell Dimension 8200 that has no hard drive. I was given the 8200 from work minus the hard drive.




For a start?


The XP needs to be Reinstalled to suit the new Machine, no ifs or buts!


Save off all the Data you need from the HDD and reformat it and reinstall XP.


No Problems from there, as long as you Upgrade Windows after, then put back on your Data!



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As DD has suggested you'll need to reinstall XP once you've swapped the hard drive. The hardware configuration will be different which will necessitate the reinstall. Be sure to check your jumper. Did the 8200 have XP as well? (Product key sticker?) -kd5-

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Yes, the 8200 had XP Pro..not home edition. Will I be able to use the "system restore" disk for the 2400 to reinstall XP if I put that drive in the 8200. My 2400 came with just a "restore" disk. I also have a restore disk for my 8400 that also has XP Home on it. Could I possibly use that disk instead of the 2400? I may end up having to buy a full install XP disk plus a hard drive......still worth it though for the money.

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Before you spend money on that computer be aware it uses RDRAM and is VERY expensive.

Here is an idea on how expensive a gig of ram is almost $500



I would keep the 2400 if I was you. Ram for that is cheap.

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