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This is why I love Minnesota..


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"band of very heavy snow will continue to move across the twin ports...especially from downtown Duluth...to West Duluth...to Hermantown...and to Adolph and Proctor through this evening. A Heavy Snow Warning is in effect with localized snow amounts of over one foot likely. Areas farther inland will see lesser amounts of snow from 3 to 6 inches. Travel will be very dangerous this evening as roads are snow covered and slippery. Visibilities will also be near zero in the heaviest snow bands...and in areas of blowing snow."




We JUST got 16 inches on saturday and sunday, now were getting hit again..

It's SOO beautiful outside.

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And don't live in the South, where the entire school system in one city was shut down because of an inch of snow.


Yeah, and no offensive to you southerns, but you all are just terrible drivers in snow/ice.

I don't get what people are thinking..


Yeah, the road is covered in ice, but lets go the speed limit anyways.


Ah damn, I slid into the ditch, lets just go the speed limit anyways.


People make me laugh.

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