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This is fantastic.

I finally get my PSU RMA'd to learn that my hard drive's file system seems to have disappeared.

BIOS recognizes it, Disk Management sees it, i just don't want to format over 220GB of movies I have.

And even if i was to recover it, i don't have the space to save all of it..

Anyone know of a way to get my hard drive up and running without losing my stuff.

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By going clear through the install process to the point Windows offers to let you install XP then scans the system for other Windows files. It'll find the O/S and ask if you want to repair it? "Press R".....

edit: make sure your movies, etc. are on another part of the drive or backed up somehow, as this will wipe the partition where Windows is installed.....;)




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There is no operating system on this hard particular hard drive..

thats the problem i've run into.. The hard drive with windows works, no problem..the storage drive with my videos isn't properly recognized.

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A non-distructive repair does NOT wipe the drive it just repairs files that are different from the orginial and not even all of those you will possibly lose patches to XP. Having used the non-destructive repair dozens of time I know this for a fact.
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Yes, jibby is right.


To be honest with you guys, it's not really a problem.

I'm getting 3 brand new hard drives for christmas, and i will just recover the data after i get raid set-up, then RMA the drive.

It's not a big issues anymore, thanks for the help though.

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