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just wondering right now i have


3 512 sticks of ram and 1 256 of ram all of them at 400Mhz



would this better better then


4 512 of ram but 3 of them are 400mhz and one stick is 300mhz

and in my bios it says all my ram is running at 300Mhz but in duel channel mode



so which one would be the better way??? just wondering

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The out come it about the same.

In the first option you are running at 400mhz, but in single channel.

In the second option you are 300mhz, but in dual channel.


You really need to have matched sticks for good usage.

Better if same type, speed, timings.



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but with the single channel mode i only have 1.756gigs of ram

and in duel channel i have 2gigs but in 300mhz and the 1.746gigs of ram is in 400Mhz so i dont know what would be better becuase i got more ram but at slower speeds but i got less ram at higher speeds

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