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How do you make a config file?

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Just add the extension you want to use, whatever.cfg (or .reg, .inf, etc), after whatever name you are calling the file.



I did that stormy, but it still saved it as a .txt file. I have different icons for .txt files and .cfg files. .txt file's icons are notepad of course, the .cfg files show up as Office documents. Thats how I can tell them apart. It dosent change icons when i save it, it still looks like a .txt document.


EDIT: I just went back and did it again, and it worked! I must have done it wrong the first time. Sorry for bugging ya all!

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I know you create a .txt document, but how do you turn it into a .cfg file?

To save a Notepad file with a CFG extension, click File and Save As. In the File Name box, type the file name with a CFG extension, and place quotes around the file name, e.g., "A Config File.cfg". The quotes are essential. Select the destination folder and click Save.


If you've opened a CFG file for editing in Notepad via the Open With or SendTo feature, or from within Notepad via File and Open, resave the file by clicking File and Save (or close Notepad and click Yes). The original file and and extension will be retained.

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