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New ISP Bad ping

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Hi all,


I just switched ISP for 3 times the speed for half the price, sounds like a great deal. But now i can not do any internet gaming. Servers wher i used to have 20-30 ping i now have 300-400 ping. I think ive worn out my welcome on the ISP help line. They are telling me there is nothing wrong with my connection as far as they can tell, unless i can come up with something that they need to do. Well thats where im at a loss, all i know is i had a 512 DSL connection that ran great and pinged low now i have a 1500 DSL connection that pings horrible. The real kicker is the old ISP buy's the broadband from my new ISP and resells it, so i cannot see why i would have all these problems. Any help would be much apreciated and thanks in advance.

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you're ping to here doesn't look to aweful bad, but you may want to lower your tcp window a bit. 512k on a 1.5 meg connection is a bit much and can slow you down actually.


what servers are you running to? get an IP and manually run a ping using the command line "ping" or a program like UO Trace. when you switched providers, you switched the virtual path you take also. sure one company resells the internet of another company, but that can mean as little as they share the line on the power pole to your house. i'd be willing to bet that early on you have a 'hop' that is pinging you bad and slowing down everything else.


as a reference, ping google.com and yahoo.com also


and finally, follow the recomendations in your test to fix a couple issues with your computer. think about shuting off some of thoose running processes and you'll notice a lot more speed. and also I'd look into uninstalling your current nvidia video driver, running Driver Cleaner, and then installing the latest one (they posted w/in the last month a newer driver for the gt/gto)

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