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This is so convenient. Thought I would share.


We all use the web for information; access the company intranet, look-up phone numbers, etc. There are a few tricks you can use to make your surfing smoother. Sometimes you need to reference the previous page and the next page at the same time. When you click on the link use the right mouse button a dialogue box will open that gives you choices on how the link opens – now you can compare the information side by side. This is also great for opening PDF or Acrobat files that can force you to close your browser when you close the file. Using the right click, you have the options of open, open in new window, open in new tab, save file as and more.


Now how about those websites that won’t let you leave. You click the back button but the same page reloads. Frustrating! Try this. Click the back button twice fast. This will prevent the page from reloading and move you to the previous web location.

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Hi Minnie. I too get annoyed at pages that won't let you close them other than by rebooting. Grrr! Now I keep Task Manager running in the taskbar which allows me to end the browser process and then restart with a blank browser page.

Best wishes :pullhair::cr@sh:

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Good advice min. However. I've found myself with the same issue brought up. Now being that said.. I have come across some sites that have that annoying page reload feature.. Now.. My question to you is.. What if the user has a high speed Cable connection to this world wide web of information.. the back button dosn't seem to work all that well. Infact i can hit the backspace key and the back button on the mouse many times before i just go insane and just simply ALT-F4 my browser or i just use the address pulldown bar on the IE explorer. I can understand your consept with DSL users or Dialup Sevices. With the advancement of Fiber networking. It's seems almost impossible to now click back utra fast to make it go away with the page reloading so freaking quickly.


I have done some reseach and found that Users Internet providers are now getting faster then the internet server suppliers. Thus meaning we are at a point that we can demand information faster then Some... Not all servers.


I have found this Information quite Interesting that, Till this day forward.. Home users that don't mind digging deeper into there pockets to get a higher speed internet connection but yet the servers can't quite support the Upload data speeds to give to the user..


For example.. I can go to my Favorite website. lets say.. Facebook.com. I can download images and music off that site at maximum paied speeds. Now ok lets say another good well known site.. Downloads.com Thats a good site.. However So many people are tied into that server plus the fact that the AT&T service provider has limited there ablility to upload data to is clients. Thus meaning. More user's on one given server at anytime will experiance Low speed downloads. Once the download has started. It locks onto that client until that download is complete. However.. the client is going,, Now what in the world is going on.. How is it that im only downloading at like lets say 200/kbs Vs my normal 1.2/Mbps It's all due to the lack in fiber advancements and what the website is willing to pay for service.. Being Internet services arn't cheap in most state. It becomes a serious issue of cat and mouse.. Mostly the Client is paying for the better service but can't recieve the full benefit of it because someone elses lack in budget or concern to there customers.


Look at PCpitstop.com. Awesome Interent Service.. Why do they have good service you might ask? Well here's what i think about the service.. PCpitstop strives to being the best Computer dignostics provider in the Nation. The software they provide reqires a good connection between server and client to give the best possible results to the client so that client can come in and say hey guys.. your test said i need this or need to change that.. Not only that.. Pcpitstop also conducts Bandwith testing.. If the server has a lack in bandwith itself. The clients tests will come up incorrect. Thus causing a problem for the tech support team to analize the real issue. :)


Alright.. Take into consideration of my conversation and let me know what you think. :)

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