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Dropped Norton SystemWorks


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To begin, I am of the mind that if it ain't broke, don't fix it!


Having said that, last year I was able to aquite a copy of Norton Systemworks 2006 and installed it and the computer ran fine. Mega long boot ups, but overall, felt well protected and safe.

Well, my registrastion ran out so I went to re-up and downloaded new version. NOTHING BUT HELL FOR 3 DAYS!!!

Lost internet connection, tech support was of no help. It was brutal!

So knowing about AVG and the fact I had my router set with the firewall I decided to get my money back, uninstall all norton's stuff and clean the registery of anything nortons as well.

rebooted, installed AVG and it's like having a brand new computer. Well, not quite, but for our porposes it runs fantastic. Boots nice and quick, still feel safe and sound.


I've seen many a post here extolling the crap that is Norton's and am here to tell those others still using it first hand,...DUMP IT! :lol:

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