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2x1000mbps network cards


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Hi all,


I have a motherboard with 2 built in gigabit ethernet ports on it, and whenever we have a lan party i usually end up transfering larger files to other on the network. I was wondering if it was possible to plug both of my ethernet ports into the same switch so when people pull stuff off of me it will use both of my ports instead of just one. Like im not sure if this is an automatic thing or if there is software that does this. I do realize even tho i have gigabit ports they will only work at 100 because of my switch, but still 200mbps is better then 100.





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either way you'll n eed a gigabit switch. so at a 1 gig connection, why do you need two of them? you'll be getting requests for transfer at speeds faster than your HD can serve it up, and that's w/ ur pc at 100% idle.


and a bridged transfer is only one way to set it up, you can load the two nics to two ip's, but that's onlyusefull if you know how to share different sets across certain ip's

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Mine has been set up with both as a single then with the 2 ports bridged ........ no increase in speed that i could see but i'm not sure if there would be an improvement in bandwidth capacity with large files ( havent tried yet )


i also tried this a few months back when i had a linksys Gigabit gaming Router and also bridged the 2 ports


saw no increase over the linksys with speedboost so i returned the Gigabit Router and took the hit for the restock fee


as of right now i have had it bridged for about a week and will probably leave it this way since i'm not having any issues

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