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Intel Quad Core Overclocking Question

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Would like to stick with the board I have now. Gigabyte P35-DS3L


I do see people hitting 333x9 easy on air. 3.2 Needs a little bit better cooling, but can be achieved. I am not sure about stabibilty on air at 3.2


3.4-3.8 is where I have seen this thing actually go on a P35 board with water. Stable to

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I use the Thermalright Ultra 120 to run my server with a Xeon 3220 (= Q6600). It's fine up to 3.2 GHz then it starts to get hot, but this is an old B3 quad not the newer cooler G0 version.


Checking that one out. Looks like most everyone using that has to lap the base on it.
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