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I actually had to tighten the timings up on the memory to get some stablitly. Got a few benches off at this 4.33 GHz and will try for more when I'm done at this speed. I'm just happy to get some stability at this clock though.



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Very nice sho! :tup:


Did you ever have issues with that mobo? I was looking at it on newegg and reading the reviews. What's your thoughts on it, would you go with a different board?



Hey KRAM, I had this board when it first came out in it's first version and didn't like it. Since then I've had the Asus Works station board, the Abit IN9 32 whatever and a couple of MSI boards for work situations. While I'm not much on the Nvidia chipsets for overclocking this is the best of what I've had this year for SLI boards. It handles a failed overclock better than the rest. Seems a little easier to get back in bios.


I'm not too thrilled with how the FSB is handled in the bios but it's manageable. Vcore seems to have the normal issues associated with Asus boards. Put in 1.5v and there's really no telling what your getting.

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