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what is SMP?

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Symmetric Multi-processing

It wont be of use on a HT cpu as i understand, but this faq explains it pretty well http://folding.stanford.edu/FAQ-SMP.html

I'm debating whether or not to switch back to it, im going to try to use a static ip cuz everytime my wireless disconnects It halts the progress which is extremely frustrating, but it gives me a 700ppd boost on my computer so id like it to work

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lep! Sorry to say you are wrong. SMP works very well on HT?P4 CPUS.

I Have three. One running Ubuntu Linux, two on Windows.

A 520 might make it at stock. OC'd yes. A 630 stock will make the deadlines.


Its really just a points issue. With the SMP client, you make a lot more points.

A normal CPU (2.8) is susposed to do around 110 PPD. This is the Stanford

benchmark. With SMP the same machine can do 600PPD.


This I think is to much. I have argued this point on the Stanford site.

But if others are going to use it, then I think we should too.


If anyone needs any help running the SMP client. Please let me (us) know.




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Well! There are a few items that SMP requires. And since the deadlines are

short, a few more.


Not sure of your machine, but I doubt it will make the deadlines at 50% CPU.

You will have to give it all the memory to use. (I think it needs 500 minimium)


Also if set to 30 minutes, less writing to log, a little faster.


If you are using the machine for intensive ops, then you are better off not running the

SMP client. I use mine for everything except gaming with it on. (P4-630, P4-631, PD920

and C2D-6320) It has pretty good release of system resources built in when needed.


If I (we) can be of any help, shout back.



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