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Spybot 1.5 takes forever to load + other bugs

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So far there have been 2 instances where the new version of Spybot hasn't lived up to expectations. On one computer, every time bookmarks were accessed, the OS froze (XP Home). Uninstalled 1.5, installed 1.4, the strange behaviour stopped.


On another computer I'm working on, a 1000mhz PIII, 512mb RAM, it takes a full minute for Spybot to come up, another 2 minutes if I have it set to automatically check for updates & immunize at program start. 3 minutes for the new Spybot to load? :blink:


I'll probably be putting 1.4 on that computer as well. -kd5-

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Started a thread at the Spybot forum, this is what I said:

1.8ghz AMD Sempron 64 (3100+), 1gb PC3200, 80gb HD, Windows XP Home Ed., machine runs like a dream with Spybot 1.4 installed, however with 1.5 whenever bookmarks are accessed from Start, Favorites (classic Start menu), computer freezes. Ctrl/Alt/Del, Task Manager to restart computer. Uninstalled 1.5, cleaned up leftovers, re-installed 1.4, computer runs fine.


1000mhz PIII, 512mb PC133, 30gb HD, Windows 2000 Professional, Spybot 1.5 takes a full 60 seconds before you see any activity at all, an additional 60 seconds for the program to fully appear, ANOTHER 60 seconds if you have auto update at program start enabled along with Immunize at program start. 3 minutes to load Spybot 1.5 with a configuration I would have preferred to keep.


I'll probably go back to 1.4 (on that machine) until the bugs get fixed, or until you stop supporting 1.4, at which time I'll probably have to find something else to use. I can't sell this computer with an application (ANY application) that takes 3 minutes to load.


I've always sworn by Spybot, have used it religiously since its inception. I would hate to stop using it (on ANY computer) in the war against spyware. -kd5-

Re: The 1000mhz PIII computer...


From a cold boot (waiting until Win2kPro completed booting up), it took 3 minutes, 17 seconds for Spybot 1.5 to load completely (with auto update & immunize at program start enabled). -kd5-


And this is what they said:



We are trying to solve this issue.

Please have a look at this project tool:



Best regards


Team Spybot




Don't know if that will address the issue with the AMD computer as they haven't said anything about that yet. -kd5-

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I have a simalar problem with Sypbot 1.5. I have to click on the icon 3 times to get it to load. Once it begins to load, it goes fairly quickly. The first time I try to start it, it just puts the SB Resident icon in the system tray. The second time I try to start it, nothing happens and then when I try once more, it loads. I hope they can fix this problem soon. I may go back to version 1.4.

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It takes 63 seconds to load on my machine, a 2.8ghz P4 (HT), 1024mb PC3200, 80gb 7200rpm WD, XP Home, tweaked. I'm definitely going back to 1.4 until they get the bugs worked out.


I thought that's what beta testing was for. -kd5-

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I can see having issues about this bug if you laid down some cold hard cash to buy this program, seeing as it is free, I think we can allow some time to get this bug fixed and I'm sure they are working on it

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Same slow start-up, plus my AV (Panda) blocks immumization of hosts. Have to shut off my AV to finish up.


To be fair, Panda just did an (unasked for) upgrade, so it might be their problem; as far as I can tell, there is no way I can do an exclusion.

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I'm having the same problem - 45 seconds to load and that's after my PC makes a juddering sound - similar to the one it made when I used a floppy disk. Once updates are downloaded it goes a bit funny too and immunising isn't as straight forward as you would expect - it often needs two or three attempts to immunise everything.


Considering I use Firefox and scan with AVG Anti-Spyware and MS Defender(and ZA has a spyware scanner too) I'm beginning to wonder what the point is in having Spybot. I've already installed Ad-Aware as that just seems rather limp these days.

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