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question if mobo/psu work together?

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this motherboard says it takes a 8pin cpu connector


will this powersupply work with it or do i need an adapter


this guy is a photographer and needs 2-3tb of storage and the mobo has 6 sata ports, so i figure he'll start w/ 4 500gb drives(tb drives cost too much) and if he needs more ill get 750's or tb when they are cheaper

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its cool, im just going to go with a different board. Its for a guy who is a photagrapher, he needs TONS of storage, so i had to pick a board with 6 sata ports. I'll be using 2 500gb's and a 320 for now, he already has 2 tb of external to use also, so i think we should be good with all that. Will a brisbane 4800 be decent in photoshop? He has a p4 2.8(no ht) now and i told him he would notice a good increase in photoshop and definitly multitasking, so he should be ordering all of it tomorrow, i cant wait to put it all together, 1.32 tb :drool:

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