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[hwbot PCMark 04 ranking


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PCMark 04 Rankings

HWBot does not award points for this bench. Trophys only


Download PC Mark 04



Don't use multiple nicknames.

Only post scores belonging to you.

Leave all bench settings at default

Include a screenshot or a FutureMark CompareURL of the result.



Please format your scores as follows: [hwbot] score - system description [/hwbot]

Do not use abbreviations. eg. Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 is OK , 6600 is too short.

Format example of processor overclock: Core2 duo E6600 2.4GHz@3950

Format example of Videocard speed: Nvidia 8800GTX @ 660/990

Allowed score formats: "12345" or "12345 Marks"

Do not use bold, italic, or hyperinks in your text layout for your system description.


Bot Info

Moderators: IntelGuy, Shogan191




HW BOT Individual Hall of Fame

HB BOT Team Hall of Fame


Member Rankings



Example of score posted on another forum: be sure not to leave spaces before or after when copy/pasting.

Note the info in link.


[hwbot]5700 - p4 3.2@3.590 x800xtpe@540/608 [hwbot]






For more information, read the faq at http://www.hwbot.org.

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