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[hwbot PCMark 2005 ranking

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PCMark 05


PCMark 05



Don't use multiple nicknames.

Only post scores belonging to you.

Leave all bench setting at default

Include a screenshot or a FutureMark CompareURL of the result.



Please format your scores as follows: [hwbot] score - system description [/hwbot]

Do not use abbreviations. eg. Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 is OK , 6600 is too short.

Format example of processor overclock: Core2 duo E6600 [email protected]

Format example of Videocard speed: Nvidia 8800GTX @ 660/990

Allowed score formats: "12345 marks" or "12345"

Do not use bold, italic, or hyperinks in your text layout for your system description.


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Moderators: IntelGuy, Shogan191




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HB BOT Team Hall of Fame


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Example of score posted on another forum: be sure not to leave spaces before or after when copy/pasting.

Note the info in link.


[hwbot]11216 - X6800 @ 4216MHz - 8800GTX [/hwbot]


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