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[hwbot] pifast ranking


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Don't use multiple nicknames.

Only post scores belonging to you.

Must post a screen shot w/included cpuZ



Please format your scores as follows: [hwbot] score - system description [/hwbot]

Do not use abbreviations. eg. Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 is OK , 6600 is too short.

Format example of processor overclock: Core2 duo E6600 2.4GHz@3950

Format example of Videocard speed: Nvidia 8800GTX @ 660/990

Allowed score formats: "120.34" or "120.34s" or "120.34sec"

Do not use bold, italic, or hyperinks in your text layout for your system description.


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Moderators: IntelGuy, Shogan191




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[hwbot]MeltDown - 23.92s - Intel Core 2 Q6700 @ 4000MHz - Nvidia 8800 Ultra @ 615/1080MHz[/hwbot]


Posted Image


Hope I got this right. It looks like hwbot wants the verification screeny to show CPU-Z main tab and memory tab both so I did.

Edited by shogan191
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I will edit this later with an actual score but for now what settings/syntax do I use to run a score?


When you download Pifast the zip contains an exe and a bat file. Run the bat file and it takes care of the settings for you. You need to take a screenshot showing pifast and two copies of CPU-Z - one on the main CPU page and one on the memory page. The bot successfully scanned my post above so that appears to be the right syntax.
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