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There can be multiple reasons for slow startup and shutdown. If you have already scanned for malware, then programs running in the background is the next place to look.




I apologize if I am not to "barge" into someone else's thread. But I was searching the forums for anything having to do with WinPatrol PLUS. I have this software along with others that PC Pitstop sells. They all work great & have helped me improve my computer's performance. But I am not sure what to do in WinPatrol PLUS. I don't know what to disable and what not to (I get the error on the scan that tells me I should use this). With the other software, it knows what to do. But I am seriously computer illiterate & have no clue what to do & might even be jacking some stuff up.


Any advice?


Thank you so much.


PS. The reason I ask is because something I am doing is calling my Flash Player to not work. I will get that message in the scan saying it can't test bandwith cause I need newer than Flash 6. I have Flash 9. I usually have to end up uninstalling & the re-installing which works but I wouldn't think that's normal.

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