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Want a new bootscreen?


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This page has quite a few new bootscreens....on the left, you'll see different catagories to choose from.


If you find one you like, follow the instructions carefully to install it.


Whoops. Sorry guys, but the original link has been hijacked. - IG


****Do not forget to make a backup in order to recover the standard bootscreen. The instructions are included.

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Great tip! :tup:

It makes constantly rebooting so much more fun :lol:

I got into looking around for more boot screens than the ones on that site, and found a tool that lets you create your own. > http://www.computa.co.uk/staff/dan/?p=18 . I haven't tried it out yet, but it looks good. Here's instructions on how to use it> http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vis...-windows-vista/

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Now if they would just come out with that tool for x64. :geezer:


Also for anyone wanting to try this and don't want to mess about with the permissions you can use this registry edit I came across,




This tweak adds the "Take Ownership" option to folder context menus, saving a lot of time and possible errors that can result from doing it manually.

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