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Best Music Player

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I was wondering what people think is the best music player for the computer. I currently use Winamp, but I was looking to change if there is something out there better. I just got a set of Bose Companion 5 speakers and they rock. I want to get a better music player so I can get even more out of them.




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I know how you feel, Music players programs suck with speaker compatibility. Did you try Real player? i had them for a bit, and it worked quite nice.


I just ended up sticking to itunes


But try real player!

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MPD (musicpd.org) and Sonata(sonata.berlios.de). Exaile (exaile.org) is nice as well, though it's still a bit buggy.


On Windows? Probably Winamp. Realplayer would be nice if it was just a media player. I don't want something phoning home and popping up ads. Windows Media Player is bloated and slow. :tdn:


I was disappointed how difficult it was to find a good free media player on Windows. I refuse to use iTunes, and the closest other thing was Zinf (blah). :(


VLC is nice for videos though!

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I used to use Creative Media Player for years..the best and most convenient program I've ever tried.

But since my SBLive doesn't work with windows Vista I can't use any creative software so I just use Winamp which really sucks. so if you have any other Creative SoundCard which do support Vista try the software that came with it, I think the new ones called Creative Media Source...not sure though.

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Winamp with this plugin,




The ATSurround Processor performs audio matrix decoding to extract surround information inherently present in many music and audio sources to enhance the listening experience. This ensures that your 5.1 system is fully utilized.The plugin also has the ability to encode multichannel sources into 2 channel stereo for decoding with an external surround capable audio receiver.The powerful Headphone mode allows you to listen to your favorite songs in virtual surround, while preventing listening fatigue.

Posted Image


and if you are running Vista you can get hardware acceleration back in Winamp using Alchemy,


For X-Fi


For Audigy users


Then after installing copy and paste dsound.dll into the Winamp folder.

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the best music player i like is itunes been useling it for about a year now with no problems.


been working good on xp and vista which i have on my main pc thats steaming music 24/7:) and while i game:)


i also tried others but couldint stand them at all they just didint work as good as itunes:)

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