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What the temps in your area today


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Current conditions as of 6:51 pm EDT



Feels Like: 81°

Barometer: 30.12 in and steady

Humidity: 50%

Visibility: 10 mi

Dewpoint: 61°

Wind: E 7 mph

Sunrise: 6:24 am

Sunset: 7:42 pm


scott.......... :b33r:

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Issued At: 5:00 a.m.,28 August 2007

Synopsis : At 2:00 AM today, a Low Pressure Area (LPA) was estimated at 330 kms west of Luzon (15.7ºN 116.5ºE) embedded along the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) affecting Luzon and Visayas.


Metro Manila

Cloudy with rainshowers & thunderstorms

23°C to 30°C Light to Moderate


Manila Bay: Slight to Moderate


Posted Image


Tropical Cyclone Update

As of today, 28 August 2007 no tropical cyclone is threatening or affecting the Philippines



Lately, 2 tropical storms have affected us.

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Gosh, Miss Mouse, we've come from the opposite direction and it feels a bit refreshing at 93*.

Last several days have been in excess of 103* (106* was highest, still not bad for this season)


Current conditions as of 2:53 pm PDT


Feels Like: 90°

Barometer: 29.80 in and falling

Humidity: 26%

Visibility: 10 mi

Dewpoint: 52°

Wind: N 3 mph

Sunrise: 6:31 am

Sunset: 7:47 pm

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We've had a lousy summer...weather-wise and all the way around :(


It's 72F right now at 5:50pm...the sun is out and it feels good outside, but inside is cold! I don't want to turn the heat on, but 69f is just too cold for me indoors. I'm a momsicle :laughing:

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89...in your house? :huh:


ya, My dad doesnt let us use AC.


and for some reason, my room is 10F hotter then other parts of the house. **caugh** Computer **Caugh**


It was pretty good today though. Around Low 90

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Jacee I'de be more than happy to send you about 20 degrees of heat for the inside of your house :sparkle: The joys of living in a 100 year old brick 2 family house with a flat tar roof is highly over rated :geezer: It much like living in an oven in the summer and an ice box in the winter. The brick walls radiate heat or cold for 5 days after the outside temps change :sparkle: Inside temps in summer since I live on the second floor will hit 120f :surrender:

Doug many thousand of years ago I lived in San Diego and loved it since it cooled off every night which the mid-west doesn't do :sparkle:

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