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Miggs! You've got till the 15th of next month to manage a lowly O/C. Can't be any worse than mine is gonna be.....C'mon!! Get with the program young man........ :laughing:


Dude! You know you can do it........




Ooh never saw it was October 15 :blushing: :pow: :lol:


Here I come :overclocking: :rofl2:

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what happened bro? thought you were getting some goodie's to put together.Miggs didnt threaten you again did he.J/K sorry to here that :b33r:


i was till i got a b3 stepping this thing sucks

i may go back to my e6600 if i have time

and i still have those crappy 7800`s they dont stand much of a chance against new cards

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