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But do they have lifetime warrenty......EVEN with Overclocking???


I dont think so. And the OCZ Reaper is quite sexy. :P


Simon, Im gonna be in Debt $1000


If you want me to enter the HDD war with you, I will be in Debt $1100


Maybe I will do raid? is it hard to setup?


Yes. They do. Well some. CellShock is 5 year but do you REALLY think you'll be using ANY RAM you get now in 5 years? :D Geil and Crucial both have lifetime warranties.


I've got the OCZ 1066 SLI, CellShock 1066, and some great Crucial 533 and of them all the OCZ, well doing very well, still doesn't keep up with the CellShock. It has to do with binning and matching ICs that clock very close to each other making it OC better. OCZ, while using D9 micron chips doesn't bid on the "high end, top binned" D9 chips. That's why they cost less but still do pretty good at ocing but it's like the difference between a Corvette and a Ferrari. Both are fast, flashy, expensive but the more expensive Ferrari will win every time. :D


This is only at 1200 FSB and 800 mem @ 333 9 2t


System in depth.



Posted Image


No Agua yet and a crippled board (it's getting swapped out tomorrow) so I can't take my RAM past 950MHz so imagine what the number will look like at 1066 or higher @ 444 8 1t. :D All air and stock CPU cooler.

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I like OCZ, it is getting kinda cheap there RAM too. Which do you say is best?


Posted Image


Well the OCZ is good. No doubt. I'm not saying it's crap. Just a crapSHOOT if you get good, matched D9 ICs on them. You really can't scoff at 1200MHz for $180 (or whatever it sells for now :) )


Posted Image


I've heard VERY good things about Geil. Good prices. (on some models) quality ICs. (I know a guy who knows a guy ;) ) and a lifetime warranty. High quality, matched D9 ICs. Always look for that. Should be either D9GKX chips or D9GMH. There IS a difference but that's for another post. :) Also NEVER try to take the spreaders off and look!! You could kill your RAM (pull the chips from the board. just ask my Buffalo Firestix :angel: ) and OCZ, for one, will not honor the warranty if you took them off even if that's not why they broke. Most of the time someone can tell you what RAM uses which chips. Or you could look HERE.


Posted Image


Crucial is... well it's Micron. As in Micron chips. As in makers of the Micron D9. :D They are "The Man". They ALWAYS use high quality ICs. They also hold a high voltage input which you need to OC. A lot of people are losing RAM to the 680i boards because of the voltage problems with the chipset, which they haven't completely fixed yet, and out of all the stories I've heard there's one I haven't. It starts like this...


My Striker/EVGA 680i/P5N32-E SLI/ect just killed my Crucial RAM... when I put the voltage in the BIOS to auto! It ran 2.6v through my beautiful RAM and it couldn't take it!!

I'm sure it's happened I just haven't heard it yet. ;)


Posted Image


My CellShock was really only $10 or $15 more than I paid for the OCZ. (Delivered from Europe. The don't sell it here that I know of and about $25 more than the Geil 1066 Esoteria which you should NOT buy for any reason but I can't say why. Confidential and all that but the 800/6400 kicks major booty) As you see it'll run low latencies VERY well. (857MHz cas3) and if my MB wasn't holding me back It came bad. RMAing to the egg tomorrow, it would, I'm sure, clock past 1200.

The things I like best are the heat spreader it's heavy/solid. 3 to 4 times the usual. It's not sheet metal. This is cast or billet. The 2 half's bolt together with allen wrenches. Hard to explain but it's more properly called a block because it's not like any other heat spreader you've used.

The customer service is EXCELLENT!! Before I knew it was the MB and not the RAM I e-mailed them for support (They don't have phone support and are in Germany anyway. :D ) I got a reply within 5 min. The guy was very helpful. He's the one who helped me figure out it was the MB and offered to have an engineer write an SPD for me that didn't use EPP/SLI (that's what's wrong with my board. Use EPP or SLI memory and it won't boot with it enabled or clock past about 950MHz ) and will be tailored for the Striker extreme. THAT'S customer service! I'm still getting my SPD and I can't WAIT to see what it does. 1066MHz RAM with no EPP/SLI needed!



So to sum it all up, in a word, all things considered, and I'm paying for it... :rofl2:




If the Striker I get back works like it's supposed to those 1066s will be in the secondary system because I want


2GB DDR2 1150MHz memory kit from CellShock. Currently the fastest memory kit from CellShock. Two matched 1GB modules equipped with CellShocks new style red heatspreaders. 8-layer PCB and built with Micron D9GKX 64Mx8 chips.

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