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Thanks sho for running a great contest! :adios:


I had a lot of fun and enjoyed pushing a single card to some personal bests! :)


Thanks to everyone that participated. Here's hoping everyone had a good time and enjoyed themselves.



(And congrats on the win! :mrgreen: )

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I'd like to say thanks a lot to Shogan, Flew, Lou, Simonsells, caintry boy, and anybody else behind the scenes for doing a fantastc job running the contest! Great job guys! :clap: Congrats to all the contestants for a fine effort and superb sportsmanship all around. :b33r:


I'm not sure what to get yet, but I'm sure something will present itself. Naturally I just bought a new mobo last week because I figured I never win anything. I might build my parents a new PC to replace their 1.4 GHz P4.

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