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The hell with this crap.

Every time i try to post the link for one benchy it copies the last.


So i make a post of 05 then make a post of 06 THEN make a post of pc05\And the stupid crap copies all to 05.


If you want to know i got






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Hey sireheck.


Sorry you having problems with the ORB, you're also posting to the wrong forum. :) I sent you a pm with a link to the scores forum and some info on how to post. Hope it helps. Welcome to the Pit. Get those scores up. :pow:

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Your links don't work, it looks like you didn't publish your results.....

The Project Manager shows a list of your submitted projects. For each project, there is a checkbox labeled Published. By checking this box, you "publish" that project, allowing other users to examine your project details.

Just publish those, and it should give links to them.

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Ok How about this.








I was using the link at the top(in the search bar) instead of the one towards the bottom :thud:


Lou photoshopped how to do it and showed me :tup:


Posted Image
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kido, get some scores up. :dead-horse:


I dont wana. :P


I was waiting for my new rig really. But, It has been hard to bench with all this Homework and stuff since school started.


I was fast with the scores, but my drivers werent approved. :angry:


It ruined my whole self esteem. :hammer:


Tomorrow I will get it for you guys. It is cold here and raining, around 65F, so my temps are extremely cool. I can OC much better now. Count on me for tomorrow! Even though I cant even get 20k.... :h3lp:

Edited by el kido
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Score update and hardware changes



Asus Striker Extreme

8800 Ultra SLI

PcPower&Cooling 1Kw quad

Phase Cooling Cpu

Stock Air GPU


3D06 21189




3D05 28424




PC05 12370




Score 61983 and more to come :boxing:




and more to come :surrender:

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