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btw, it's 1.8 gigs and the download is kind of slow right now. if anyone knows of another free (non-membership required) download site hosting it, please post it up.




im going to be at school registering, so by the time i get back, it will be done


oh, BB


tell me if it got slower right now





wow, it is slow


176 KB/sec




im getting 300+

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There are a lot of torrents out there, but all the ones I saw had loads of leechers and almost no seeders.

El Kido, I dream of 176kb/s download speeds. Damn you AT&T!!!

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not much faster on that one. just tested my connection, and i'm getting about 10 mbit down, so that's not the issue. must be a lot of people downloading.


it jumped to 300 a second, i must have gotten lucky.


didnt even take 2 hours.


still need to install it and play. Did you get it working?

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Demo is cool, short, but does show the games potential.


I look forward to installing and playing the full version.........probably a few times since there are many different ways to manipulate the environments and weaponry. Fun! :mrgreen:



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