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Scanning in Vista Business/Office 2007


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Unless you have an automatic document feeder on your scanner The new Fax and Scan program in Vista wont let you save multiple pages to one file - folder yes, file - no.

To load Windows Document Imaging (which will let you scan multiples) go to

Control/Programs & Features/Office 2007.

Right click on Office 2007 - then click *change* from the drop down.

A list will appear, scroll down to Office Tools and expand it, look for Microsoft Document Imaging/Scanning. and put a check next to it. Click OK <or save>

Wait a moment or two and the program will install.

This tip saved me the cost of a new scanner which HP told me I would have to buy if I wanted to scan multiple pages.

Found it on a blog (cant remember which) in answer to a question posed about veiwing files saved in WDI.

HTH someone :)


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