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Happy Birthday theoldgardener


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Hey, Mate!


Happy Birthday from Downunder, Mate!


Just a Simple Gift to you for your Birthday!





Leo / Dragon



My notes on this combination proclaim: A total egomaniac with a heart of gold." Is that what we are to think of Leo/Dragons? Are they truly so self-centered as to deserve the hyperbolic appellation of "egomaniac"? Yes. They are. But I mean it as a compliment. Very little stands in the way of this munificent leader's success. Yes. He or she longs for dominion over others. But these potential leaders are brainier than most, hence are not like to lead one over the edge of a cliff. In their private lives, these folks aim for quality and usually don't settle for less in the bedroom. Sex is an important - nay - an essential part of this stunning creature's everyday life. Not easy to bed, he chooses partners carefully. But once upon that mattress, the Leo/Dragon delivers...!


Famous Leo Dragons - Stanley Kubrick, George Bernard Shaw......


Good Compatibilities - Gemini Snake......








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