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Here is a list of great free protection software that I have used, or am currently using. You also get a short review on them as an added bonus :) I am sure this has been done before, but it can never be said too many times. I have always been amazed at how many people spend $30+ on a security suite that is bloated, resource hogging, and ineffective. It has been over a year since I last used Norton, and over a year since I last got seriously infected. Coincidence? Well here's the list, chose what works best for you.




Avira AntiVir PE Classic

This program has been my main anti-virus program for a while now, and hasn't given me any problems. It has an update

almost daily, and powerful detection. Plus, the scanner on it is called Luke Filewalker. A must-try for Star Wars geeks! :lol:


Avast! home edition

I only started using this anti-virus program recently, but it has been highly recommended by many people. And it has a cool interface. :mrgreen:


AVG Anti-Virus

I used this program for a few months, (waiting for Avira AntiVir to be Vista compatible) and I was impressed. this is overall a good solid program.




Spybot Search & Destroy

Spybot S&D is a powerful, easy to use spyware scanner. It also has an immunize feature, which protects you from bad web pages in IE.


AVG Anti-Spyware

This is a very good program for dealing with spyware and trojans. The trial version expires in 30 days, then the program still works but some features are disabled such as the real-time protection.



I was introduced to this less than a month ago and was very impressed. Great scanner, but no real-time protection unless you pay for it.


Javacool SpywareGuard

This program is different from the others in that it does not have a scanner along with it. It's purpose is a Real-time protection program that catches things before you get infected. I can't judge it's effectiveness, as I haven't used it for very long.




Javacool SpywareBlaster

This small program doesn't have a scanner or a process in the background. So what does it do? SpywareBlaster keeps a blacklist of bad websites, so you don't stumble onto them and get infected. It offers protection for Firefox and IE. It helps protect you from bad sites, ActiveX, and tracking cookies. Great program!


Comodo Firewall Pro

This powerful free firewall offers great protection, and is very customizable. It boasts to pass many leak tests.




So despite all of your defenses, that virus slipped through. Your browser is hijacked, you're getting loads of popups, and none of these programs can stop it. Looks like you may need HijackThis. HijackThis is a very powerful program, so unless you know what you're doing don't try to fix stuff with it. Instead, scan and save a logfile, and then post it's contents to a website where experts can examine it and help disinfect you. I recommend the PCPitstop HijackThis forums

Or SpywareInfo. Make sure to read this before posting it at the Pit.

Important Note:

Remember it is not good to run multiple resident (real-time) protection programs of the same type at the same time as they can conflict with each other. This means only use one firewall, one resident anti-spyware program, etc. More is not always better.


Another Important note:

All the protection in the world will do you no good if you don't keep it updated. I recommend updating and scanning with all of your programs weekly.



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simonsells91, thank you, must of been reading my mind........i was just gonna post this question on good free protection software and got all i needed to right here....im getting a new build in a couple of weeks and ive been reading alot about free protection and want to use it...i use nav07 and im tired of it...slows me down a little and i dont think its that great...i also use spynomore and that is not the greatest either...so i will copy these and decide from there which ones i will use.......ty vm...........scott...... :adios:

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Did i miss it, or is Sygate missing from that list???


It seems to be very popular freeware.


I used to have it on my PC, worked great, as soon as i installed SP2, it went haywire.


Every one tell me that they don't have any probs with the combination, but it don't work for


me.Had to make a choice between Sygate and SP2...Sygate lost... :cr@sh:





.......................... ;) ................

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I am using AVG and Comodo firewall in my pc and I think that it is indeed great. It was user friendly and it doesnt lag up my pc.


Make sure to try out Comodo v 3.0 if you don't have it already. It's out of beta finally, and is very different from the older version.
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