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Your feeble female mind

whoaa nellie!....bar the doors!.......now I'm feeble minded?


Banana's are good for desserts and cereals....Some with ice cream and chocolate some with warm breads and butter.

If I was to ever cook some....guess who don't get none now.

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I didn't mean you Juliet

I meant uhh, my feeble male mind! Yeah, that's it

I'm feeble remember....don't think that'll work.

feeble but not dumb.




My kitchen smells so good.....just took some bread out of the oven....will be cutting into slices in the next few minutes. :P

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well...urine is sterile....

July 10, 2007 — Recycling urine may be the answer to a looming global shortage of phosphorus, according to an Australian researcher.


Associate Professor Cynthia Mitchell, of the Institute for Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), said the world's deposits of phosphorus are due to run out in about 50 years.


She believes recycling the 132 gallons (500 liters) of urine each person produces a year is the solution.


"Urine is the most concentrated source of phosphorus," she said. "At the moment we dilute that through our sewage system and send it out to the ocean.


"In the industrialized world we must start moving to a resource-recovery approach rather than the current waste-treatment approach."


Phosphorus is a key component in agricultural fertilizers and a lack of phosphorus would affect future soil quality and production.


But Mitchell blames a 'poo taboo' for the failure of governments to move on the issue of recycling urine.


In a public lecture at UTS later this week, Mitchell will call for a "revolution in sanitation" across Australia.


She said technology that allows urine to be separated in the home is already being used in Sweden.


All new homes in the local council of Tanum are required to have urine-separation toilets.

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Well since this paper of yours is taking so damn long to finish, we have to amuse ourselves somehow.


with regards


Pardon me for not finishing it. But, I am going to my graduation soon, so I am preparing various things for it.

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Brandon, things are getting out of hand and the dancing bananas are being left behind. You must get this paper finished and posted/published before they are completely forgotten. :unsure: Dancing bananas everywhere are weeping. :(

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