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Happy 60th Birthday Shogan191


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Shogan was telling me about that time he and his buddies discovered fire Tracy, you should have heard it. It was a great story.


He also told me about this time when dinosaurs reigned supreme, and he challenged a T-Rex to a football match. Naturally he won, since he has long arms, while the T-Rex has short arms, so he couldn't throw the ball.


Shogan, what was the creation of the universe like? Was there really a big bang, or did God create it? I heard you were there to witness the creation of the universe, so I figured I'd ask.


Edit: Have to add a :P to clarify

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Thanks a bunch guys and gals. I don't feel a lick over 35, unless of course I try to move or think. :rofl2:


Brandon it was God and he did it with a big bang. I thought everyone knew that. :P


Well I'm going to go take some pills and go where ever it was I was supposed to go. Seeyalaterbye. :)

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