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New to ocing need guidance

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I need a few pointers on ocing seems most of the tips I see on here are years old ,I have never oced anything other than a video card, and that is simple as moving a few sliders and testing .... Is there a program out for ocing a comp? I don't want much just a little bump, just to say I did it... My rig info is on my sig Please if anyone might give a few do and do not's I will be very greatful.If anyone needs more info on my rig I have no problem let them know.

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May be an older guide, but the basics are still the same. I start with the FSB/CPU Frequency and raise it about 5Mhz at a time. Max voltages for your CPU should be about 1.55v, and 2.3v for RAM. New RAM timings are different too, instead of 2-2-2-5 we run 5-5-5-15. Some at 4-4-4-12....take it slow and ask questions.



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The main thing I see will OCing is the motherboard. I have an ABIT AB9. Can do it with

BIOS, Uguru, and have a Guru panel. My E6320 was only OC'd to 2.4 until last night.


Most of them will OC pretty well. I have PC6400 memory, so I just set it to 400 FSB, 1 to 1

on the memory. It running FAH/SMP at 11 MPF, stable as granite, 2.8Ghz on air.


Think I get a HD2600 tonight. The 2900's are way to much. Running a X1650XT right now.

It doesn't OC to well.


Of course I'm new at OCing too.

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Well I had to order it. Next day if they get it done. Should have it by Thurs latest.

Will do my best to get scores up again.


By the way, can someone check my first scores, and see if all is OK. Do I need

to repost??



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