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Video: PC v. Mac - Apples to Apples Comparison

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My guess was that it was saying it was Vista capable. There just isn't enough information on that page. The price disparity is pretty huge, though, which makes me wonder. Unless Excaliber is known for having dramatically lower prices . . .


Edited to add: And here's another place where you can purchase parts at the same time. Vista Ultimate sure isn't bundled in there either.


You could be right since it lists the C2D too, which I would think would be separate. We get MS Office and OSs quite a bit cheaper than they're advertising though, so not really sure. I don't really know anything about excaliber.com. It just popped up when searching the model number on google.


They sure are socking it to customers for software with the system on your link, but the hardware prices are within reason. In fact, our retail prices are almost identical to what they're listing with the exchange rate.


Even with the laptop parts, I come out at $920USD for it setup the way I'd like it for myself (2GHz CPU, XP Pro, Crucial 2x512, etc.). Not bad for a more energy efficient mini PC, and roughly the same price as a similar full size system which would use more power.


A person could still get a better system for less money with a cube, but none that I've seen so far would have the energy saving features of the laptop components like this one. :)

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Windows new operating system BRIDGES, coming to a computer near you,




SP 1. Through 12. On Request. :rofl2:

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