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I made this post earlier but someone erased it.

Several reviews out now are saying the new Thermalright 120 Ulta Exreme, even though its not copper, can run 10C cooler than the XP90C, because its larger and has a better design. Its fins are aluminum, with 6 heatpipes attached to a nickel based heat sink and a 120mm fan. This all sounds good to me coz i'm not ready for water cooling. But sounds a little to good to be true.

any feedback would be appreciated.



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Thermalright 120 Ultra Exreme performs really well, better than XP90C when coupled with a 120mm fan.

Just make sure your mobo it's supported since this is one of the biggest and heavier coolers available.


There were some issues on earlier models where the location of the added pipes was creating some issues with the Intel socket 775 adapter.

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I have been using one for almost a year now and they are very good. It is coupled with a 680i and Intel chip, and there were no issues installing it, they most likley fixed the issue from earlier models. It comes with two sets of spring loaded screws, shorter ones for AMD and longer ones for Intel.

Think you would like it! :b33r:

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Second best air cpu cooler that you could ever buy!


The specs of it's cooling ability are all true! Very well built, comes with it's own backplate, and if you use 2 fans on it in a push pull config, you'd be amazed at how well it cools!


Well worth the price! Big Joe turned me onto it! Thanks bud!

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