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An Observation

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When I first ordered my system with Pentium D, Dell's site said that my system could handle 4gb ram maximum. I ordered 2gb ram and the operating system was Vista Home Edition.


Vista had some ram issues, so I was led to believe, that allowed the motherboard to supposedly consume ram. What I mean is...if the system had 4gb which is the maximum then Vista would consume 1/2 to 1 full gb of ram since Vista was a power-hungry, resource-robbing system. I could relate to that but didn't understand when only 2gb ram was in the system and it would show the entire 2gb. That does not make sense. Why does one but not the other?


I then removed Vista and installed XP-Pro w/sp2 and my system had 2gb of ram and it showed it all. I then decided to max out my ram and bought another 2gb of ram and upon installation, I noticed that my system did not show the full 4gb...it showed 3gb ram instead. Why is that?


Why doesn't my system consume the ram difference in the lower amount of 2gb?


I then did some tests and the results were explained to me that video drivers that were integrated into the motherboard were consuming the other 1gb when I had installed 4gb and it showed 3gb. What doesn't make sense again is that my system is using a video card that has 256mb ram installed. If the test result explanation were true, then why doesn't my video drivers report that they now have 1.25gb ram since the system's video drivers consumed a gig of ram?


This again does not make sense. Why doesn't the system's integrated graphics consume the initial 1gb of ram in a 2gb system?


So, now the question is..which consumes more resources...Vista or XP?


Why do the tech experts claim Vista is responsible for consuming 1/2 to 1 full gig of ram? Due to their claims and so-called in-depth findings, if this is true, then why does XP consume the same amount too? And another question unanswered is why doesn't Vista or XP consume any ram when it is not maxxed out in ram?


Some one is lying to someone.


I then decided to try something else. I removed 1gb of my ram so that my system then had 3gb of ram. Guess what? My system showed it had the full 3gb ram available. Why doesn't it show a loss like the full amount? It also amazes me that some systems show 3gb of ram and others show 3 1/2gb of ram when both systems have the maximum of 4gb of ram installed but both systems show 3gb of ram when only 3gb are installed.


Doesn't make sense!

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you may need a bios update



also understanding vista's memory management compared to xp may help


the tech person may have been correct about vista and memory consumption but the individual told you what you wanted to hear to obtain your quick satisfaction to end the conversation !

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