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Let's share Intersting Websites

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I think it's a better idea for us to share some of those outstanding and informative sites with our regular PCPITSTOPPERs unless the site Administrator feels other way. So all we need to do is to give a specific but short info about the site and a link to it, so that those who have not yet come across the same will benefit from this, and of course, a word of thanks will never hurt if found interesting enough. :clap:


Please make sure the site or service you are referring is not related to Shareware products. Let me share my contribution


An interesting site describes a vast amount of info on File Formats available.




A very good site when you think of sending E-Greetings.




Hope it's a right step towards sharing

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Different kind of "Interesting Websites"








Sorry. I got to this thread directly, and didn't notice it was in U2U, until I posted.


Enjoy anyway.

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Looks interesting!...I only have three icons on my desktop right now. Everything else is already in folders with their own icons :mrgreen:


I've been using rocket dock for a while, you can even set it to hide itself and appear when you mouse over, and move it to the top, sides or bottom of the desktop
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