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you can't compare the psp to the 360. that's first gen vs second gen tech.


and it really depends on what games you like more. different generes are slated towards different systems.

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I played Spiderman 3 on the PS3 the other day. Consider yourselves lucky that you didn't. You know a game's going to be bad when there's graphical slowdown in the opening movie. The game looks horrible, plays horrible, and is just plain horrible. On the upside, completing the first mission in 5 minutes lead to the game being 3.5% complete, so at least there's not much of it.


Oh yeah, if you couldn't tell, I'd go for the 360. I can't think of any reason why anyone would want a PS3.

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well, you go sony if you can't play anything but the FF series


i know the topic poster didn't say 360, he asked between the original psp or the original xbox. the second post said 360 which wasn't relevant to the Q

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I say the wii is fun, but it looses my interest after a bit, its more of a group console, were you need more people to enjoy it with you.


PS3 sucks.


Xbox 360 is pretty good, all i use mine for is Gears of War.

Consoles suck.

But for some reason, u have to buy it!

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