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When an Administrator is not THE Administrator


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By default, a new installation of Vista will have the Administrator account disabled. Sure, you can set up an account with Administrator privileges, but it's not The Administrator account. In order to enable The Administrator account, I ran across this tip in PC Magazine: (paraphrased for clarity)


Click Start, type cmd into the search pane, right-click the cmd.exe item at the top, and choose Run as administrator. Type net user administrator /active:yes and enter, then log off. The Administrator account now shows up on the welcome screen.

For added security, assign a password to the Administrator account, then change your user account from Administrator to Standard User. That way, when you are logged into your account and the UAC pops up, you'll be prompted to type in the admin password before it elevates your priveleges. Also, there will be some instances where you'll simply be told that you must log in as Administrator. Doing this actually made me less annoyed at UAC, because now it seems like it's doing something useful, rather than simply nagging.

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